A site dedicated to my brush book

What to say about brushes? 
I like to play with brushes very much.
Especially in an environment that provides the possibilities for brushes to be heard with all the subtle and colorful sounds. What I don't like is when I'm expected to play brushes but the surrounding is so loud that even I can't hear them - that's when I usually damage or destroy a pair! 
The important thing is to treat brushes differently than sticks. Unique techniques are needed to play brushes. Sweeping is the thing! 
Almost every brush expert developed his/her own techniques for brushes. In my brush book I managed to assemble many variations using my special technique. 

Thank you for visiting my brush page. I apologize but I need more time to build the page carefully and with most information possible. Comments are welcome! 
Where is the brush book? 
​I am happy to let you know that my book is finished as far as the variations, pictures, lines, text, notation goes. It needs editing, cover design and it needs to be published. If you have any helpful information about that process.... Thank You.

9 variations from the book are presented in this clip: 
1. Brush taps 
2. Swing with lines - Basic swing variation
3. Swing variation with crossing
 4. Swing with circles - 1 beat circle variation with 2&4
5. 2 beats circle variation
6. Walking swing variation
7.  Ballad #2 variation
8.  Half time swing variation (Hi-Hat effect)
9.  Medium swing variation (Conga effect)

​Example from the book:
What are the features of the book?

- for all levels
- covers variety of music genres 
- based only on snare drum and brushes
- teaches the essence of brushes - sweeping  
- real time pictures with positions of hands and brushes at specific moments of variations
​- unique way of indicating the movements with different lines
- clear and original way of annotating brush movements
- notation examples provide basis for endless
combinations of practice exercises 
​- supported by youtube videos for real time "action"
- and much more...
Preparatory sketches from my notebook...