Drummer Gasper Bertoncelj is from Slovenia, but his musical allegiances skew more toward hardbop than Eastern Europe – NYC jazz magazine All About Jazz.

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"Gasper Bertoncelj is a driving and swinging force. Gifted with great sensitivity and a talent which makes him one of the best artist drummers around." - RENATO D'AIE​LLO - sax (I/UK) 

With the great Lew Tabackin.

     While Jazz gives him the musical freedom of expression which demands the highest level of musicality and control of the instrument, other genres like Blues, Country & Western, Rock'n'Roll, Latin and Gypsy Swing, Funk, R'n'B, among others, give him a chance to connect with people on different levels.

     Gasper Bertoncelj is an internationally acclaimed drummer. His musical education started in Slovenia, by playing trumpet. In his early teens he switched to drums. His talent became noticed immediately as he started to play with different groups.

     The Passion for music lead him to Linz, Austria where he studied music at Bruckner University. Doug Hammond, his mentor, revealed to Gasper deeper layers of jazz and music in general. Upon graduation with honors he convinced Gasper to move to New York. Two years later Gasper received a Master of Arts degree from The City College of New York where his main mentors were Victor Lewis , Billy Drummond, Andy Watson and John Patitucci.

GB Group Live @ Smalls, NYC

w/ Vincent Herring - sax, Jason Palmer - trp, Peter Mihelich - p, Chris Higgins - b

     Gasper started performing in New York the first year he came there and by the time he graduated he was able to proudly support himself by playing drums professionally around the city. Eight years later he moved to Tel Aviv, where jazz has strong American alliance. There he continues to expand his musical circles.

Gasper's strength is definitely his versatility and creativity in music.

w/ Kevin Mahogany - voc, Alec Katz - p, Robert Anchipolovsky - sax, Simon Starr - b

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"He is a drum spirit. He understands how to hold a wild Bull (The Song) by the tail, calm him down, make him flip and send him home with a smile. I love playing with this Drummer man, he makes me fly." - MICKEY "KYDD KAYN" SHAVIV - guit, bass (ISR) 
"In my opinion, Gasper is one of the few drummers on this side of the Atlantic that can swing as hard as the drummers I was use to playing with in NYC! From note one, he is swingin', groovin', can open things up, whatever the music needs, he is right on top of it! He also brings a wonderful freshness and creativity to tunes and arrangements I've played for years...A true artist!"  - DENA DEROSE - piano, vocal (USA)
Gasper is an accomplished drummer and a true artist who plays and LIVES the music.  As in his own life, he pursues his art honestly, bravely and most important of all, with a genuine spirit of adventure! Congratulations Gasper! - RENATO CHICCO - piano (SLO/I/A)
"Your band was the best concert of the year...I'm very proud of you! It goes with being the very best student who did and does his own home work. Keep it going." - DOUG HAMMOND - drums (USA)

     Gasper has been playing in many projects in USA and Europe. while leading his groups that featured his compositions and arrangements. He produced his own CDs: CAUTION! Hard Hat Area! - 2008 Arabesque Records, NY; The Swingers of Jazz – 2008 Goga Muzika, SLO; The Swingers of Jazz: Gasper's Back in Town – 2012 Arabesque Records, NY, which receive warm welcome around the globe.

Along performing, Gasper leads/teaches master classes based on his manual Brush Book: Playing With Brushes, in which he demonstrates his unique techniques and approach to playing with brushes.

"Gasper is an excellent drummer with a great sense of time and musicality in his playing ..." - KEVIN MAHOGANY - vocal (USA)
"He can play anything he wants on the drums but what makes him perfect for me is that he is dripping in style. Classic Honky Tonk, Old School Jazz, Surf and Rockabilly each are a language of their own which requires more than chops, you have to speak the language, and he speaks them all perfectly."   - IZZY ZAIDMAN - guit, voc (USA) from IZZY AND THE CATASTROPHICS